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Traffic Tips

Summary: The purpose of this article is to give you some practical traffic tips that will increase your website traffic and hopefully increase your sales. Below are the traffic tips I use each day to grow my business.

Traffic Tip #1 Search Engine Marketing. About 85% of all traffic comes from organic searches done through the major search engines. If you would like your website to found in the search engines, you need to submit your website to the search engines so that they can get indexed. Don't forget about the smaller search engines. You can get traffic from them as well. To submit your site to the search engines, just go to any search engine and search for "free search engine submission. This traffic tip should not be ignored.

Traffic Tip #2 Social Network Marketing. As you know FaceBook, Twitter and MySpace are the biggest social networks on the internet. This traffic tip will explore the one thing you need to do to get free traffic from these sources. When you create your account at theses sites, in your profile section, make sure you add your website url. When people join your group and see your profile, they will also see your website url and hopefully they will click on your website url. As a result, instant free traffic. This traffic tip is becoming the future of getting free traffic.

Traffic Tip #3 Join Forums. This traffic tip will allow you to get more backlinks to your sites. When you join forums, you can add your website url to your profile. When you post comments, people reading your comment can also see your website url. You will also have a backlink pointing to your site. When you have a lot of relevant backlinks pointing to your site, this increases your link popularity. When your link popularity increases, your site moves up toward the number one position in the search engines. This traffic tip is one of my favorites.

Traffic Tip #4 Article Marketing. With this traffic tip, the first thing you will want to do is write a couple of articles about your site. Next, go to any search engine and search for "Article Directories". Join as many as you can. Once you have joined, submit the articles you have written. The power of this traffic tip comes from the fact that you can include your website url in your article's bio section. When people read your article, they will see your website url as well. You will also get a backlink from those article directories which will improve your link popularity.

Traffic Tip #5 Submit Your Site to Directories. With this traffic tip, you will need to go to any search engine and search for "The Best Directories". These directories have several options, paid and free. Always choose the free option. With this traffic tip, you will have your ad posted in a category relevant to your site subject. You will get traffic when people read your ad. And you will have a backlink from a directory with a decent page rank.

NOTE: For Traffic Tips #4 and #5, you can pay companies to submit your articles and ads to the directories. Some of these companies will even write the articles and the ads for you and then submit them. Just go to any search engine and search for "Artile Submission Services" and "Directory Submission Services".

In conclusion, if you follow these traffic tips and use them each day as you promote your website, you will see the traffic to your site increase dramatically.

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To Your Success,

Mike Borders
Traffic Manager