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The Best Website Traffic

Are you struggling to get targeted web traffic? I know for most people, getting any traffic at all can be a major problem. How dare you speak of targeted traffic. Let me break this down before I really begin. General web traffic is much different than targeted web traffic. If you're currently promoting a product, service or any form of business online then you know exactly what I'm talking about.

You don't need traffic, you need targeted traffic!

Understand the difference between traffic and targeted traffic can make or break your business. This is absolutely vital information. I'll try to simply things as best as I can. Here's an example of the difference between "targeted traffic" and just plain old "traffic": Traffic is very very broad. It's the masses. Targeted traffic on the other hand, is a select group. Why is targeted traffic better? Because it has a better chance of converting for you.

For example: If the user is looking for Mulberry Alexa Bags, they're more inclined to search for that exact term when using google. If you carry this particular handbag but you don't specify it by it's name then chances are you're not going to get any targeted traffic. You're just going to end up getting junk traffic. By specifying the name of your item google will pick up that term and when someone searches for that specific item, if your link comes up, that's targeted traffic. It has a better chance of converting into a sale as opposed to you saying "hey, I have a handbag for sale."

That was just an example. If you want to get targeted traffic you have to be as specific as your potential customers are. With the right amount of targeted web traffic you can and will skyrocket your online profits.

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To Your Success,

Mike Borders
Traffic Manager