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Increase Site Traffic

It is highly critical and important to get boatloads of targeted traffic to your website. You can increase site traffic web with paid advertising or FREE methods.There is a misconception here that in order to achieve mega huge success in your online business is to drive millions of hottest prospects to your website is by buying website traffic. The reality is for the effort you put in and spend all your money on pay per click advertising and other paid advertising, you got merely a few sales or no sale at all. Pay Per Click method can reward you handsomely if you learn it properly but on the other hand it will take a lot of your time and effort.

The other method is what I called the web 2.0 techniques to increase site traffic web. The best part is you can do all this easily and for FREE. You can actually see results using web 2.0 techniques which is the easiest and simplest way of getting hordes of rich hungry prospects straight to your site within hours, even minutes! This traffic is the most targeted you will ever get in your life. Period. For those beginners, web 2.0 is just another name that people used for social media sites. Sites like YouTube, Twitter, WordPress pages Blog, Hub Pages, Squidoo and thousands more.

Secret No # 1 - Blogging

Using WordPress you can create a blog and post on one of the blogging website (you can own a domain if you pay for it). Constant posting original and fresh content will net you more visitors overtime. You can put lots of backlinks in your contents. If your content is keyword rich in the title,body of content and relevant to your blog home page or deep page, then search engine will rank your content high up in their search engine. It is very important that you understand there are millions of people searching related information on the internet with search engine.This is how you should increase site traffic web.

Secret No # 2 - Video

Posting video to YouTube can help you to increase site traffic web. You can get your backlinks that are ranked very well since YouTube is one of the most search traffic site and love by search engine such as Google. By the way, Google own YouTube site. In fact, if the video you posted with the keyword you are trying to optimize and Google find it relevant to what your video content is about, your video can be ranked no. 1 spot in the search engine in a matter of minutes!

Secret No # 3 - Hub Pages

You can use the Hub Pages website to set up an account that will work similar to a blog, and allow you to set up multiple income streams. Again, you can include backlinks to your blog or site that you want to promote. As with blog, don't spam your account with promotion after promotions. What you want to do is to build relationship with people and soon, you will see increase traffic to your website. The traffics that attract to your site are your HOTTEST PROSPECTS because they have the same interest like you. Before you start investing your time and effort to increase site traffic web rankings with web 2.0, you need to do a little research to find the right keywords to target for.

The best way to go about is to target keywords that people commonly search for but very low competition. Use the google keyword tool to see how many websites targeting that keyword to help you find which keyword is the best to choose for optimization. Skip this easy step and you will struggle for success. As you can see,it's not difficult to increase site traffic web with web 2.0 techniques to get highway ranking for your websites. Also, remember this tip when you want to learn how to increase site traffic web with web 2.0 techniques.

There are right way and wrong way to learn. Learn it wrong, you're going to work hard and frustrated with your result. Learn it right, you will be rewarded handsomely and live the lifestyle of MILLIONAIRES before you. The choices you made today will determine how successful you will carve a name for yourself in the online industry. That's it my friend. Wish you every success in your online business.

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To Your Success,

Mike Borders
Traffic Manager