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1) Do you offer stats so that I can keep track of how many visits I am getting?
Yes - all campaigns come with
FREE LIVE STATS so you can keep track of our progress during your campaign!  You'll be able to log into your account and view the detailed stats of your campaign.

2) I use a third-party tracking system. What happens if my stats differ from the stats in my member's area?
Our script was built by a certified Php programmer and is tested on a regular basis. If there are any differences between your stats and the stats shown in your member's area, the stats shown in your member's area will be the only valid stats.

3) How do you get traffic from business opportunity expired domains?
We own hundreds of domain names that for various reasons contain built-in traffic. Many of these domains had popular websites on them and may have since expired or been abandoned by their owners. But the traffic remains (because links on other sites, search engine returns, misspellings etc..)

We have placed a re-direct code on the index page of all expired domains we own. So, when visitors visit these sites, they are automatically re-directed to our main rotator. Since your sites will be placed into our main rotator, these visitors will see your site as a full webpage and NOT as a pop-up or pop-under page.

4) Regarding your 50,000 Visitors Platinum Package and your 10,000 Visitors Gold Package, how do I get more visitors from Google and Yahoo?
When you purchase the 50,000 Visitors Platinum Pkg. and the 10,000 Visitors Gold Pkg, ALL of your url's are placed in our Google and Yahoo campaign rotators and each url is giving a weight of 5. Here is an example of the weighting system we use. Your sites are given a weight of 5. This means the system will show one site of another member then the next 5 visitors to our Google and Yahoo rotator, the system will show one of your sites.

So for every 1 site of another member shown, the system will show 5 of your sites. Your sites will be shown at a a 5:1 ratio compared to the other members who purchased one of our regular packages. To sum it all up, your url's will receive 5 times as many visitors from our Google and Yahoo campaigns than members who purchased our regular packages.

5) What part of the world does your traffic come from?
98% of our traffic comes from the following countries: United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Australia. The remaining 2% comes from other countries worldwide.

6) You say you will send Targeted visitors to my site. What does Targeted visitors mean?
Targeted Visitors are visitors who are interested in a specific subject. In our case, our Targeted visitors are Business Opportunity seekers. This is the only category we have. So all of your visitors will be people who are interested in business opportunities, work at home programs, making money online etc...

When you purchase traffic from us, your sites are placed in our main rotator which is then advertised via the following advertising resources using the targeted keyword "Business Opportunity": Business Opportunity expired domains, Pay Per Click campaigns such as Google and Yahoo, Banner campaigns, Ezine campaigns and Email Marketing Campaigns.

Visitors coming from these sources are "TARGETED" as they have either typed in the keyword "Business Opportunity" from a search engine or visited a business opportunity site which has our advertising link on it. So you can be certain that the people visiting your sites are people who are actually looking for a business opportunity.

7) Will I receive the name, address, phone# and email address of the people that visit my site?
No, we have no way of providing you this info. The only info we can give you are the stats as presented in your member's area.

8) Are your visitors 24 hour unique visitors?
No, but we do track all hits to our main rotator and within a 24 hour period, we are averaging a unique visitor rate between 76% to 78%.

9) Can you guarantee me sign-ups and sales?
No, we CANNOT guarantee that you'll get sign-ups or make sales. We can only guarantee that we'll send REAL TARGETED visitors to your site and that you'll receive the number of visitors ordered. We'll get the visitors to your site, but it's up to your sales page to get the sign-ups and sales.

10) How long will it take to get my visitors?
The traffic will be sent over the course of 30 days or less starting from the date your sites are approved. NOTE: On some occasions, the 10,000 visitors package will take more than 30 days to finish. But don't worry, you will receive the total amount of visitors ordered.

11) Do you have any restrictions on the content of my site?
Your site must be in ENGLISH, legal in the United States and must not generate any pop-up windows. We can only send traffic to websites with content that is appropriate for a general audience. Please, no adult sites, sites with illegal content, hate text or sites that promote illegal activities. (see our Term and Conditions for more details).

12) Why should I choose this service over other services?
Most other traffic services send very poor traffic (pop-up and pop-under traffic). This method is totally ineffective as they are blocked by pop-up blockers and visitors will never see your site. Also, 98% of all traffic companies are selling fake traffic. They use a special PHP software that routes HTTP get requests through a massive list of anonymous proxy servers or IP addresses.

All the traffic sent by the fake traffic PHP script is unique and shows up as unique in the stats they provide you. You can go to any search engine and type in the keyword phrase "Software that sends fake hits" and you will be shocked at what they are selling to these traffic companies. Also, Click Here to read our report on scam traffic companies.

At, you do not have to worry about fake traffic. Our traffic is REAL and far superior. About 50% of our visitors come from Business Opportunity expired domains. These are people who go to a search engine and type in a key word relating to "business opportunity". Once they find our link, they will click on it and are re-directed to our main rotator which contains your site. These visitors will then view your site as a full webpage.

Also, we use search engine Pay Per Click campaigns such as Google and Yahoo, Banner campaigns on highly targeted websites, Ezine campaigns and Email Marketing Campaigns to highly targeted opt-in mailing lists. As you can see, real people will visit your site, GUARANTEED!

NOTE: If you still have questions, please click on the "Contact Us" link above and send us an email.




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